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Curipod helps teachers create interactive slide show presentations that include polls, word clouds, and drawings, using AI to speed up the process.

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What Curipod Does

Curipod serves as a digital tool for slide-based presentations. It comes with features like polls, drawings, and questions for in-class interactions. The tool uses AI to make the creation process quicker and easier.

Key Features and Their Practical Uses

  • Make Existing Slides Interactive: Teachers can upload their current slide decks and add interactive elements.
  • Student Voice: Teachers can add polls to their slides for instant student feedback.
  • Group Discussions: Use Curipod to guide small group discussions and display results.
  • Pre-Created Lessons: A "Discover" library with ready-to-use lessons sorts by various topics.
  • Real-Time Results: A results button allows teachers to see live activity from students.
  • Student Reflection: Lessons can include reflection slides to help students understand new content.
  • Easy Sharing: Share your slides with a simple code or link, even allowing other teachers to edit them.
  • Moderation for Safety: Teachers can moderate what gets displayed on the screen.
  • Peer Feedback: Teachers can include slides that allow students to give anonymous feedback.


  • Free Plan: Access to all core features with some limitations.
  • Premium Plan: Costs $7.50 per month and includes all free features plus more.

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