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Edpuzzle enables teachers to customize online videos with voice-overs, assessment questions, and links, track student progress, and integrate with various Learning Management Systems.

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What Edpuzzle does

Edpuzzle allows teachers to customize online videos for specific learning objectives. Teachers can upload their own videos, add URLs, or use videos from the built-in content library. Videos can be enhanced with voice-over comments, embedded assessment questions, and links. Teachers can share these videos with students, assign due dates, and track students' progress and scores. Edpuzzle also integrates with various Learning Management Systems (LMS) and allows teachers to import their own videos from different sources.

Key features for teachers

  • Video Customization: Teachers can add voice-over comments, embedded assessment questions, and links to videos.
  • Progress Tracking: Teachers can monitor students' scores and progress over time as they watch videos and answer embedded assessments.
  • LMS Integration: Edpuzzle integrates with Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, PowerSchool, and more.
  • Video Import: Teachers can import their own videos from Screencastify, Explain Everything, and Google Drive.
  • Content Library: Edpuzzle has a built-in content library with videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, TED, National Geographic, and more.
  • Privacy Settings: Teachers can choose to make their videos private or share them with other teachers using the tool.

Potential classroom applications

  • In-Class Flip: Students receive self-paced instruction via video in class.
  • Station Rotation Model: Students rotate through stations, including an online station with an Edpuzzle video.
  • Gamification with Live Mode: Project the video on a screen in front of the whole class, and students will see the questions pop up on their individual screens.
  • Homework or Test Review: Use Edpuzzle to review video lessons assigned for homework.
  • Extension Materials: Create a bank of video lessons for students to access as extension materials.
  • Student Projects: Students create their own video lessons using Edpuzzle’s Student Projects feature.
  • Open Class for Younger Students: Use Edpuzzle’s Open Class feature to create a class where students join by clicking a link.
  • Parent Involvement: Assign a student project that parents can get involved in.
  • Substitute Lesson Plans: Use Edpuzzle to create lesson plans for substitute teachers.


Edpuzzle offers three pricing plans: Basic (free), Pro Teacher ($11.50 per month), and Schools & Districts. The Basic plan provides access to over 5 million videos, the ability to create lessons with questions, audio, and notes, detailed analytics, and storage space for 20 videos. The Pro Teacher plan offers all the features of the Basic plan, plus unlimited storage space for video lessons and priority customer support.

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