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Offers advanced text-to-speech technology, allowing educators to create lifelike voices in 30 languages for more accessible and engaging educational content

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What Does It Do?

ElevenLabs leverages voice AI to help users create or clone voices that can speak in up to 30 languages. It can make learning materials like audiobooks, interactive language apps, and voiceovers sound like a real person. This tool can be especially handy for teachers who aim to make lessons more interactive and cater to different learning needs.

Key Features and Practical Applications for Teachers

  • Voice Creation: Lets you build synthetic voices from scratch by selecting gender, age, and accent.
    • Application: Make a custom voice that fits your teaching style for educational videos.
  • Speech Synthesis: Uses the voices you made to produce final audio outputs.
    • Application: Turn written lessons into spoken words, making content more accessible.
  • 30 Language Support: Voices retain their characteristics across languages.
    • Application: Helps teach languages with a consistent voice, aiding understanding.

User Experience and Interface Design

The ElevenLabs dashboard allows you to manage your voice models, adjust stability and clarity, and input text for speech. Even before signing in, you can try the software, making it simple to test out the tool.

User Feedback and Testimonials

  1. Teachers find it slightly expensive for long-form content, such as weekly readings.
  2. Many users appreciate the lifelike voice quality and its utility for language pronunciation.
  3. Some users have experienced issues with the pronunciation of specific words.

Pricing and Value Proposition

  • Free Plan: For those who want to try, you get 10,000 characters/month.
    • Application: Good for short interactive lessons.
  • Starter Plan: At $5/month, you get 30,000 characters and a commercial license.
    • Application: Useful for teachers creating more content.
  • Creator Plan: At $22/month, you get 100,000 characters and higher audio quality.
    • Application: Best for producing audiobooks or longer educational materials.


  1. The software has fewer post-production tools; what you generate is what you get.
  2. Non-English voices may have lesser quality, still in the "experimental" phase.


By offering human-like voice synthesis in multiple languages, ElevenLabs can serve as a versatile tool for educators to make learning more engaging and accessible. While the tool has its limitations, like fewer post-production capabilities and costs associated with higher usage, it stands as a robust solution for those aiming to step up their educational content.

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