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ELSA Speak is an AI-powered English fluency coach that assists non-native English speakers in improving their pronunciation, intonation, fluency, grammar, and active vocabulary, providing instant feedback and progress monitoring for teachers.

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What ELSA does

ELSA Speak, short for English Language Speech Assistant, is an AI-powered English fluency coach. It is designed to assist non-native English speakers in improving their pronunciation, intonation, fluency, grammar, and active vocabulary. The app provides instant feedback on users' speech, helping them identify areas for improvement and track their progress.

Key features for teachers

ELSA Speak offers several features that can be beneficial for teachers:

  • AI-enabled speech recognition: This feature can help identify and assess areas of difficulty for each student, such as fluency, intonation, pronunciation, and word stress.
  • Real-time feedback: The app provides immediate feedback, allowing learners to correct their pronunciation while learning.
  • Reference point for students: ELSA Speak can be used as a conversational guide for students, fitting conveniently in their pockets.
  • Progress monitoring: Teachers can monitor students' progress and understand their shortcomings more easily, thanks to the comprehensive and accurate reports provided by ELSA.


ELSA Speak offers several pricing options. The Pro plan costs $11.83/month, and the Premium plan is $14.17/month. For educational institutions, ELSA offers discounted pricing based on the number of students. The Lite plan caters to groups of 5-50 students for $58.92, while the Medium plan is designed for 51-100 students at $57.00. For larger groups of 100+ students, the Premium plan is available, with pricing details provided upon contacting sales.

Potential classroom applications

  1. Personalized Pronunciation Practice: ELSA's AI-powered speech recognition technology can be used to provide personalized pronunciation practice for students. This allows students to practice and improve their pronunciation in a low-pressure environment, at their own pace, and receive immediate feedback.
  2. Gamified Learning Activities: ELSA can be used to create engaging, game-based learning activities that motivate students and make learning English more fun. Teachers could set up a class leaderboard and have students compete to earn points and stars as they progress through the lessons in the app.
  3. Real-World Discussion Topics: ELSA offers lessons on a wide range of topics. Teachers can use these lessons as a springboard for classroom discussions, encouraging students to apply their English skills to real-world scenarios.

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