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Quickly create and tailor classroom content like activities, worksheets, and quizzes with AI.

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What Does Flint Do?

Flint aims to make a teacher's life easier by automating the creation of educational content. Imagine getting back more than 10 hours a week that you can spend on other important things, like engaging with your students or planning field trips. Flint lets you make classroom activities, worksheets, quizzes, and handouts really fast. The best part? It uses AI to do it, so it's like having a teaching assistant who's always ready to help.

Key Features and Their Practical Applications

Activities in Seconds

Flint comes with a Copilot tool that can help you whip up worksheets, quizzes, and handouts in no time.

  • Worksheets: Make math or spelling worksheets that fit each student's skill level.
  • Quizzes: Need a quick quiz for tomorrow's history lesson? Done!
  • Handouts: Create handouts to help kids understand the lesson better.

Custom AI Roles

You can let students chat with custom AI roles. Imagine your students talking to Einstein about physics or interviewing a civil rights leader.

Plagiarism Detection

Nobody likes cheating. Flint can spot it if someone tries to copy-paste their way through an assignment.

User-Friendly Interface

The tool makes it easy to choose what kind of activity you want, set the skill level, and even pick which school standards the activity should match.

User Experience and Interface Design

Flint provides a simple and easy-to-navigate interface. Even if you don't like tech stuff, you'll find Flint simple to use.

Potential Drawbacks

  • To try it out, you have to book a demo first. This means you cannot sign up to test it out.
  • Flint can't cover every subject out there. So, if you teach something really special, it might not be for you.


We're still waiting for specific pricing details, but Flint offers different plans:

  • A free plan with some limits.
  • A plan just for you, with unlimited activities.
  • A bigger plan for up to ten teachers.

Final Thoughts

Flint looks like a useful tool for any teacher who wants to save time and make their classroom more fun and tailored to each student. While we're still waiting for more details on pricing and what other people think of it, Flint seems like it could be a real helper for teachers in any grade.

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