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An AI tool for creating and sharing polished presentations, memos, and documents.

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What Does It Do?

Gamma uses AI to help you create presentations, memos, and other documents. Type in some text, and Gamma takes care of the rest. It formats, designs, and even suggests graphics and text for your slides or memos. You can edit the outline it provides before making the slides. With Gamma, you turn your ideas into clear, eye-catching presentations without needing to be a design pro.

Key Features and Practical Applications

  • AI-Powered Text and Design: Just type your text, and Gamma will offer a design that fits it.
  • Customizable Templates: You can make the slides look the way you want with different colors, fonts, and themes.
  • Widgets: Add more than just text. Put in videos, GIFs, charts, or websites to make your point clear.
  • Collaboration: You and your team can work on the same presentation. You can even comment and give quick feedback right there.
  • Built-in Analytics: Find out how many people looked at your presentation and for how long.

Pricing and Value Proposition

Gamma has three plans:

  • Free: Use the main features but with limited AI credits. No refreshing of credits.
  • Plus: 400 credits per month, no "Made with Gamma" badge, and extra features like version history.
  • Pro: Unlimited AI credits, early access to new stuff, and more features.

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