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Online tool for grading scanned, pen-and-paper, free-response assessments, offering time-saving and consistent feedback features.

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What Gradescope Actually Does

Gradescope lets teachers grade both individual student assignments and exams uploaded by instructors. Teachers can use a dynamic point adjustment rubric to change grading criteria even while grading. The tool also shows detailed analytics on student performance. Gradescope works well with learning systems like Canvas and Brightspace, making it simple to add class rosters and push grades to these systems.

Key Features and Practical Applications

  • AI-Assisted Grading: Uses artificial intelligence to help grade written exams and homework.
  • Dynamic Point Adjustment Rubric: Allows for on-the-fly changes to rubric items and values during grading.
  • Integration with Learning Systems: Easy sync with Canvas and Brightspace.
  • Consistent Feedback: Keeps grading uniform across multiple submissions.
  • Time-Saving: Automates routine tasks like grading and attendance.

Potential Classroom Applications

  • Standardized Tests: Use for grading standardized tests across multiple classrooms.
  • Homework Grading: Apply AI-assisted grading to make homework grading efficient.
  • Academic Integrity: Spot identical submissions easily to identify potential cheating.
  • Detailed Feedback: Use annotation tools to provide tailored feedback to students.


Gradescope offers a free basic plan that includes dynamic rubrics, basic assignment types, statistics, and a student mobile app.

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