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Humata is an AI-powered platform that assists teachers in extracting insights from complex documents like textbooks and research papers, providing accurate answers to content-related questions, summarizing technical papers, and securely storing documents in encrypted cloud storage.

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What Humata does

Humata is an AI-powered platform that helps teachers extract insights from complex documents like textbooks and research papers. Teachers can upload PDFs and ask questions about the content. Humata uses natural language processing and deep learning to provide accurate answers and even points to the exact page where the answer comes from. It can turn complex technical papers into simple summaries, generate detailed insights for reports and tasks instantly, and securely store documents in encrypted cloud storage. Teachers have full control over their data, including the ability to delete any unwanted files.

Key features for teachers

Humata offers several features that can benefit teachers:

  • Summarizing lengthy academic papers: This feature allows teachers to quickly understand key findings and implications.
  • Instant Q&A function: This feature provides real-time responses to questions, streamlining the research process.
  • Secure document storage: Documents are stored in encrypted cloud storage, ensuring data privacy and protection.
  • Free plan with a 60-page limit: This feature makes Humata accessible for educators with budget constraints.


Humata offers a Free plan and a Student plan at $1.99/month for customers with verified @edu email accounts. The Free plan allows users to interact with up to 60 pages and ask 100 questions per month. The Student plan offers 200 free pages monthly (with a maximum of 2,000 pages) and 250 questions per month.

Potential classroom applications

Teachers can use Humata in several creative ways:

  • Facilitating Group Discussions: Teachers can upload a challenging research paper or report, use Humata to generate a summary, and then pose questions to the AI. The AI's answers can serve as a starting point for group discussions.
  • Creating Adaptive Learning Materials: Teachers can upload various documents on a topic and use Humata's Q&A function to generate a series of questions and answers. These can be used to create customized quizzes or study guides for students.
  • Enhancing Research Skills: For a research project, students can upload several documents related to their topic into Humata. They can then use the AI to ask questions and extract key information from these documents, enhancing their research skills.

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