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iDoceo combines a gradebook, planner, diary, and resource manager, with features for tracking student performance, organizing lessons, managing resources, creating seating plans, and integrating with Moodle, Google Classroom, and MS Teams.

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What iDoceo does

iDoceo is a comprehensive digital tool for teachers that combines a gradebook, planner, diary, and resource manager into a single platform. It allows teachers to track student grades, attendance, and performance, organize their lessons and schedules, and manage various resources. The app also includes a seating plan feature and integrates with Moodle, Google Classroom, and MS Teams. All data is stored locally on the user's device, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Key features for teachers

  • Gradebook: Allows teachers to manage icons, text, numbers, annotations, and rubrics. Supports custom calculations and can be linked to Google Classroom.
  • Lesson Planner: Provides a space for teachers to organize their lessons and schedules. Supports both simple week schedules and complex rotating cycles.
  • Diary: Helps teachers keep track of classroom activities and events.
  • Resource Manager: Helps teachers manage various resources, including PDFs, audio files, links, images, and more.
  • Seating Plans: Allows teachers to create up to ten seating plans per classroom with five different modes and backgrounds.
  • Integration with Moodle, Google Classroom, and MS Teams: Allows teachers to link their current classes or import them from these platforms directly into iDoceo.
  • iDoceo Connect: An online platform that allows teachers to post exams and rubrics for students to fill out.


iDoceo is available as a one-time purchase of $11.99 on the App Store, with no additional subscriptions or in-app purchases required.

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