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Jambot is a widget for FigJam that uses OpenAI's ChatGPT to enhance productivity and creativity in brainstorming and ideation sessions, providing interactive and visual capabilities for collaborative classroom work.

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What Jambot does

Jambot is a widget developed for FigJam, a collaborative whiteboard tool by Figma. It uses OpenAI's ChatGPT to enhance productivity and creativity in brainstorming and ideation sessions. Jambot allows users to ask questions, receive answers, summarize information, and more. It can be used for tasks like rewriting content, gathering information, and generating ideas. Jambot can also convert complex code snippets into simpler forms and transform design ideas into actual code in various programming languages.

Key features for teachers

  • Interactive and Fun: Jambot is designed to be interactive and fun, encouraging students to play around with ideas and information.
  • Visual and Multiplayer Capabilities: Jambot focuses on visual and multiplayer capabilities, making it suitable for collaborative work in the classroom.
  • Final Visual Artifact: Jambot provides a final visual artifact that captures the thinking and learning process, which can be revisited or shared later.

Potential classroom applications

  • Arts: Brainstorm ideas for art projects, create mood boards, or sketch initial designs.
  • History: Create interactive timelines of historical events with added notes, images, and links.
  • Science: Diagram scientific processes or concepts, brainstorm hypotheses for experiments.
  • Math: Visualize mathematical concepts, brainstorm solutions to complex problems.
  • Language Arts: Brainstorm ideas for stories or essays, create storyboards for narratives.
  • Foreign Languages: Facilitate language practice, brainstorm ideas for role-plays or dialogues.
  • Social Studies: Create interactive maps or diagrams of different social systems or structures.


Jambot is a free widget for FigJam. Figma offers two main pricing plans: the Free plan suitable for individual use or very small teams, and the Professional plan priced at $12 per editor per month when billed annually or $15 per editor per month when billed month-to-month, offering a more comprehensive set of features.

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