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Kodable is a coding curriculum for kids aged 4-10, offering interactive games and activities to teach coding concepts, along with a teacher dashboard for tracking student progress and assigning lessons.

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What Kodable does

Kodable is a coding curriculum for kids aged 4-10, used in over half of US elementary schools. It uses games and activities to teach coding concepts like sequencing, loops, conditions, functions, and variables, and introduces JavaScript. Kodable has a user-friendly platform with interactive lessons, creative projects, and a teacher dashboard for tracking student progress, assigning lessons, and accessing resources like lesson plans and guides. It's designed to be accessible for educators with no prior coding experience.

Key features for teachers

  • Curriculum and Lesson Plans: Kodable provides a complete K-5 curriculum with over 80 scripted, grab-and-go lesson plans, a complete scope and sequence for each grade, and hundreds of on-screen activities.
  • Teacher Dashboard: The dashboard allows teachers to track student progress, unlock difficult levels, and manage classes. It also offers class management tools, course guides, a lesson library, student videos, and progress reporting.
  • Built-in Curriculum and Resources: Kodable's curriculum includes videos to introduce programming concepts, step-by-step lesson plans, vocabulary, and off-screen activities. These resources help teachers develop their own knowledge and skills about coding and find ways to integrate coding activities into various subjects.
  • Accessibility: Kodable can be played online through a web browser, and there are offline activities available as well. This makes it accessible to a wide range of students and learning environments.
  • Customizable Learning Experience: Kodable allows students to work at their own pace, replaying levels as necessary. This helps students develop deliberate, purposeful problem-solving skills that apply to any subject.
  • Free and Premium Options: Kodable offers a free version with limited game content and a resource center for teachers. The premium subscription includes more progress tracking tools, lesson plans, and additional game content.


Kodable offers a free Kickstart account for teachers, which includes unlimited student profiles, introductory lesson plans for grades K-5, introductory access to all Kodable games for grades K-5, and unlimited access to all creative content for grade K-5. This free account never expires, allowing teachers to use it for an unlimited time.

Potential classroom applications

  • Integrating Coding with Storytelling: Teachers can encourage students to create their own stories using the characters and settings in the Kodable games. For instance, students can write a story about the adventures of the FuzzFamily, the characters in Kodable, and then use the coding skills they've learned to animate their stories.
  • Problem-Solving Challenges: Teachers can set up problem-solving challenges using Kodable. For example, they can create a scenario where the FuzzFamily is stuck in a maze and needs to find a way out. Students can then use their coding skills to create a sequence of commands that will guide the FuzzFamily out of the maze.
  • Cross-Curricular Integration: Kodable can be integrated into other subjects like Math and English. For instance, in Math, teachers can use the concepts of loops and conditions in Kodable to teach students about patterns and sequences. In English, teachers can use the storytelling aspect of Kodable to improve students' narrative writing skills.

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