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An all-in-one platform, automating various tasks for educators, such as lesson planning, content creation, and assessment writing.

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What Does It Do

MagicSchool AI acts like a helpful teacher's assistant, offering over 40 different tools that simplify various tasks for educators. It lets teachers save time on lesson planning, creating educational content, and writing assessments, so they can direct more attention towards their students.

Key Features and Applications

  1. Lesson Planning: Provides a library of plans tailored to different subjects, grade levels, and learning objectives.
  2. Content Generation: Allows for the quick creation of original, standards-aligned educational content.
  3. Assessment Creation: Generates custom assessments that align with the curriculum and learning objectives.
  4. Text Leveling: Adapts reading materials to various proficiency levels within a classroom.
  5. Advanced Proofreading: Identifies writing issues in students' assignments and offers constructive feedback.

Pricing and Value

Currently free for teachers, though the platform plans to switch to a subscription model.

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