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Microsoft MakeCode is a coding platform that provides block and JavaScript editors, a web-based simulator, and a variety of resources for teachers to introduce coding to their students, with features for creating games, coding devices, and modding Minecraft.

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What MakeCode does

Microsoft MakeCode is a free, open-source platform that helps teachers introduce coding to their students. It offers a block editor for beginners and a JavaScript editor for advanced users. The platform also includes an interactive simulator for testing and debugging programs. MakeCode provides a variety of resources for teachers, including free curriculum and projects. It supports project-based learning and offers guided tutorials for building games, coding devices, and modding Minecraft. Students can download their code onto physical hardware devices, linking digital coding to the physical world.

Key features for teachers

  • Block and JavaScript Editors: MakeCode's Block editor allows beginners to construct programs using drag-and-drop blocks. The JavaScript editor, designed for advanced users, offers code snippets, tooltips, and error detection.
  • Web-based Simulation: The platform includes a web-based simulation of physical devices, enabling students to edit and test their programs without needing a physical device.
  • Compiler and Sharing Feature: MakeCode has a compiler that creates an executable file for download to a physical device. It also includes a sharing feature for students to share their programs.
  • Projects and Challenges: MakeCode offers a variety of projects and challenges to help students apply their coding skills.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams: MakeCode can be integrated with assignments in Microsoft Teams, simplifying the creation of tasks that help students develop computing skills.


Microsoft MakeCode is a free, open-source platform. There are no associated costs, making it accessible to all teachers and students.

Potential classroom applications

  • Game Development: Using MakeCode Arcade, students can create their own video games, introducing them to coding in a fun and engaging way.
  • Storytelling and Creativity: MakeCode Arcade emphasizes storytelling and creativity in game development, allowing students to customize their own games.
  • Cross-Curricular Integration: Coding can be integrated across different subjects, aligning with concepts like coordinate grids, rotation, and variables.
  • Coding for Real-World Applications: MakeCode allows students to see the same coding in JavaScript and Python, exposing them to real-world applications of coding.

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