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Functions as a real-time speech-to-text converter, helping teachers easily transcribe audio for a variety of educational and professional settings.

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What Does Notta Do?

Notta makes it simple to turn spoken words into text. It can transcribe meetings, classes, and interviews in real time. It can even generate notes and summaries quickly, so you can focus on what people are saying, not on jotting it all down. Notta works with many languages and you can use it on all sorts of devices. Plus, it fits right into tools you already use like Google Meet and Zoom.

Key Features and Their Practical Applications

Import Audio Files

Say goodbye to note-taking during lectures or staff meetings. Just import your audio or video files and let Notta do the work. This frees you up to engage more with your students or colleagues.

Live Transcription with Timestamps

Perfect for active class discussions or teacher meetings. Notta adds timestamps to transcriptions so you know who said what and when. It helps you capture every detail, making meeting minutes a breeze.

Speaker Diarization

This feature tells you which speaker said what. Useful in classroom settings where multiple students may be speaking or during parent-teacher meetings.

Multi-Language Support

Great for ESL teachers or international schools, Notta supports 104 languages, breaking down language barriers in education settings.

AI Summary

Busy teachers can get quick summaries of meetings or lectures. This helps you focus on what really matters, like planning your next lesson.

Pricing and Value Proposition

The Free plan gives you 120 minutes per month and covers most basics. The Pro plan costs $13.99/month and offers a lot more features like real-time transcription and the ability to import audio and video files.

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