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Offers a suite of tools designed to simplify content creation, assessment, and feedback for teachers, particularly in the realm of quizzes, summaries, and essay evaluations.

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What Does It Do

Pedagogical encompasses a range of tools that automate and assist teachers in creating quizzes, summaries, and tailored essay feedback. With support for various content types like images, PowerPoint slides, Word documents, PDFs, and YouTube videos, it aims to streamline educators' workflows.

Key Features and Their Practical Applications

  1. Assessable Content: Turn your classroom materials into quizzes or summaries with ease, making assessment hassle-free.
  2. History A Level Essay Feedback Copilot: Quickly provide feedback on student essays that aligns with the Edexcel A Level History curriculum. Saves time for History teachers.
  3. Lesson Content Extraction: Use your existing lesson materials to enhance essay feedback, offering students actionable insights.
  4. Decide Feedback Types: Customize the kind of feedback each essay receives, including exam-level pointers.
  5. Instructional Diagrams: Add visual aids like flow charts and mind maps to help students understand complex topics.

Pricing and Value Proposition

The Free Plan: Assessable Content, Easy Feedback Copilot, Essay Tutor, Source Search, Visual Teaching, Worksheet Builder. Extract up to 5000 words.

The Upgraded Plan (£5 - £15 per Month): Free plus the word limit increased to 100,000 words.

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