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Plickers is an educational tool that allows teachers to collect instant student responses in the classroom using unique cards scanned by a mobile app, with features including offline functionality, a question library, student reports, and remote learning capabilities.

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What Plickers does

Plickers is an educational tool that enables teachers to assess their students and collect instant results in the classroom. It uses a unique system where students answer questions by holding up cards, which are scanned by the teacher using the Plickers mobile app. The platform also provides student reports and scoresheets after each session, allowing teachers to track performance over time. Plickers also offers a remote learning version, where students answer questions using a device at home.

Key features for teachers

  • Card-based Responses: Students answer questions by holding up unique cards, eliminating the need for student devices or accounts.
  • Offline Functionality: The platform can function offline if no internet connection is available.
  • Preparation Tools: Teachers can prepare classes and questions before a session, add student rosters, and assign each student a card number.
  • Question Library: Teachers can compile a library of multiple-choice questions to present to their students.
  • Mobile App: The Plickers mobile app is used to scan the cards to collect student answers and control the session.
  • Student Reports and Scoresheets: Plickers provides student reports and scoresheets, which can be used to track individual and collective performance over time.
  • Plickers Pro: A subscription-based product that includes additional features like advanced content sharing and design.
  • E-Learning: A remote learning capability that allows students to answer questions using a device at home.


Plickers offers both free and paid plans. The core features are free, while Plickers Pro, with additional features, is available at $8.99 per month or $71.88 per year.

Potential classroom applications

  • Formative Assessment: Use Plickers for quick checks of understanding during lessons.
  • Discussion Points: Gather student opinions or responses related to a book, event, or question.
  • Attendance and Lunch Count: Quickly take attendance and count lunch preferences.
  • Voting: Use for anonymous voting on class decisions.
  • Choosing Groups or Topics: Keep group or topic selections private.
  • Parent Surveys: Gather parent feedback during open houses or parent-teacher conferences.
  • Student-Generated Questions: Encourage students to create their own Plickers questions for review sessions or class discussions.

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