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Poll Everywhere is an interactive tool that enables teachers to engage students in real-time through live online polling, surveys, quizzes, Q&As, and word clouds, with integration capabilities for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

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What Poll Everywhere does

Poll Everywhere is an interactive tool that helps teachers engage students in real-time through activities like live online polling, surveys, quizzes, Q&As, and word clouds. It allows teachers to see student feedback instantly, helping them understand classroom engagement and learning progress. The tool works with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides, making it easy for teachers to add polls to their presentations. Teachers can create unlimited questions and, depending on the plan, can include up to 40 or 200 students at once. Poll Everywhere also lets teachers make reports, look at old poll responses, and choose a unique username/response URL. Students can participate using mobile devices, making learning more inclusive. Over 300,000 educators around the world use Poll Everywhere to make classroom discussions interactive and meaningful.

Key features for teachers

  • Versatility: Poll Everywhere can be used in many ways, from quick warm-ups to detailed surveys that check student understanding of a topic. It can also be used for formative assessment to guide a lecture.
  • Interactivity: The tool allows real-time interaction, with students able to respond to polls via text, online, or through Twitter. This real-time interaction can help engage students and stimulate classroom discussion.
  • Integration: Poll Everywhere works with major presentation providers like PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote, allowing teachers to add polls and surveys to their presentations for a more engaging and interactive experience.
  • Customization: Teachers can change questions and how participants respond, making it a versatile tool for different teaching styles and classroom scenarios.
  • Anonymity: Responses can appear on the screen anonymously, which can be useful when students are typing out responses instead of simply choosing an answer.


Poll Everywhere offers different pricing plans for different needs, including specific plans for K-12 educators, higher education faculty, and businesses. For K-12 educators, there are three main plans: K-12 Free, K-12 Premium ($50), and School-wide ($1,000+). The K-12 Free plan allows unlimited users to create unlimited questions, with a maximum audience size of 40. It includes access to the Support Center, FAQ, and Webinar tutorials.

Potential classroom applications

  • Real-time Feedback: Teachers can use Poll Everywhere to check students' understanding of a topic in real-time. For example, after explaining a concept, teachers can create a quick multiple-choice question to assess students' comprehension.
  • Classroom Discussions: Poll Everywhere can be used to stimulate classroom discussions. Teachers can ask open-ended questions related to the subject matter and display students' responses in real-time, sparking a lively and interactive discussion.
  • Student Surveys: Teachers can use Poll Everywhere to survey students on various topics, such as their opinions on homework assignments, tests, or other learning activities. This can provide valuable feedback for teachers to improve their teaching methods.
  • Group Work Monitoring: When students are working in groups, teachers can use Poll Everywhere to monitor their progress. Students can simply type 'done' into a Poll Everywhere poll when they finish their group assignment.
  • Attendance Tracking: Teachers can use Poll Everywhere to track attendance in a fun and interactive way. For instance, at the start of a class, teachers can create a quick poll asking students to check-in.
  • Debate and Deliberation: Use Poll Everywhere to facilitate debates and deliberations in the classroom. Present a controversial topic or statement and ask students to vote on whether they agree or disagree. After the initial vote, divide the class into groups based on their stance and have them discuss their reasoning. Then, conduct a second poll to see if any students have changed their minds after the discussion.
  • Peer Teaching: Encourage students to take ownership of their learning by having them create their own Poll Everywhere questions related to a specific topic or concept. Students can then present their questions to the class, and their peers can respond in real-time.
  • Reflection and Goal Setting: Use Poll Everywhere to facilitate reflection and goal-setting activities. For example, at the beginning of a semester or unit, ask students to share their learning goals or expectations using an open-ended poll. Throughout the course, periodically revisit these goals and ask students to reflect on their progress.

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