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Project Read is an AI-powered platform that generates personalized decodable stories for students, provides live feedback during reading sessions, and offers a teacher-facing dashboard for tracking student progress.

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What Project Read does

Project Read is an AI-powered platform that provides personalized reading support for students. It generates decodable stories based on a student's reading level and previous errors. As students read aloud, an AI tutor provides live feedback and encouragement. This platform is designed to help teachers effectively teach reading to each child in their class individually. Project Read is compatible with various Science of Reading curricula and can be accessed on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.

Key features for teachers

  • AI-Powered Tutor: The AI tutor listens to each student as they read and provides live feedback based on their mistakes at the phoneme level. This feature allows teachers to extend individualized support to each child based on their unique needs.
  • Personalized Decodable Stories: Project Read generates personalized decodable stories for each child according to a K-2 phonics scope and sequence. This feature helps students learn reading through decodable stories that contain only those words with patterns that they have been explicitly introduced to.
  • Live Feedback and Encouragement: As students read aloud, the AI tutor provides live feedback and encouragement. This feature helps students correct their mistakes in real-time and improve their reading skills.
  • Gamification Elements: Students are rewarded with coins as they read sentences and words correctly. This feature helps to build student confidence and enjoyment of reading.
  • Teacher-Facing Dashboard: Project Read is actively building a teacher-facing dashboard of data from student usage of the app. This feature can be used to identify the most common error patterns, inform small and whole group instruction, and support individual students.


Project Read offers a comprehensive, research-based language arts program that includes instructional materials for phonics, reading comprehension, and writing. The program is designed to be cost-effective, with individual components sold separately.

Potential classroom applications

  • Individual Reading Sessions: Teachers can use Project Read during individual reading sessions to provide personalized reading support and live feedback.
  • Small Group Rotations: Project Read can be used as a station in small group rotations, where teachers can assign practice on the specific concept or objective they taught during that day’s lesson.
  • Special Needs Support: Interventionists and SPED teachers can use Project Read to provide targeted support and differentiated practice for students who need additional support.
  • Homework Assignments: Teachers can assign Project Read as homework for either practice of an assigned, specific objective or individually differentiated support.

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