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Quizalize lets teachers make and give quizzes to their class. It shows how each student is doing, so teachers can help them right away.

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What the Software Does

Quizalize is a web-based game that turns your quizzes into fun class activities. Teachers use it to see how well students understand what they're learning. It shows you the areas where each student needs more help. Teachers can then give that extra help right in the classroom.

Key Features and Their Practical Applications

  • Marketplace for Quizzes: Teachers can choose a quiz from a collection of pre-made quizzes. If the topic you need isn't there, you can make your own quiz.
  • Collections: Teachers can group quizzes into a collection, like putting all the quizzes about Ancient Egypt together.
  • Sell Quizzes: Teachers can set a price for their collections or quizzes, so others can buy and use them.
  • Data Tracking: Quizalize helps teachers know how each student is doing. It shows what areas the student needs to work on.
  • Device Friendly: Works well on IOS and Android, and via a web browser.
  • Quiz Types: Quizzes can be multiple choice, letter scramble, and more.
  • Immediate Feedback: Students find out right away how they did on the quiz.
  • Import from Quizlet: If teachers already use Quizlet, they can move their sets into Quizalize with just a few clicks.
  • Mastery Mode: If set to this mode, students keep trying the questions they got wrong until they get them right.


  • Free Version: Limited features but good for trying it out.
  • Quizalize Lite: Costs $2.49.
  • Quizalize Premium: Costs $4.99 or $3.99 for teams.
  • Discount: Use code #BACK50 for half off.

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