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Serves as a versatile quiz platform for K-12 teachers, offering gamified quizzes and interactive lessons that students can access at their own pace or in real-time.

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What Quizizz Does

Quizizz is an interactive learning platform that enables teachers to create gamified quizzes and lessons. It includes a unique feature, Quizizz AI Enhance, which acts as a personalized teaching assistant to help customize activities. The platform supports both teacher-paced and student-paced learning, provides access to millions of pre-made quizzes, and generates detailed reports on student performance. Additionally, Quizizz's AI-enabled quiz generator can automatically create quizzes from existing documents or text.

Key Features for Teachers

  • Quiz Creation: Teachers can create quizzes and lessons that can be paced according to the teacher's or students' preferences.
  • AI-Enabled Quiz Generator: Automatically generates quizzes from existing documents or text.
  • Pre-made Quizzes: Access to millions of pre-made quizzes that can be customized to suit specific teaching needs.
  • Detailed Reports: Generates class-level and student-level reports to monitor student performance.
  • Device Compatibility: Supports a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, allowing students to access content on their own devices.
  • Gamification: Incorporates elements like leaderboards and instant feedback to enhance student engagement.
  • Collaboration: Allows teachers to share their quizzes with other instructors or invite them to be collaborators.

Potential Classroom Applications

  • Formative Assessment: Teachers can use Quizizz to conduct formative assessments and monitor student progress.
  • Interactive Learning: The platform can be used to create interactive lessons that engage students and enhance learning.
  • Remote Learning: With its device compatibility, Quizizz can be used in various learning environments, including remote learning.
  • Collaborative Learning: Teachers can share their quizzes with other instructors, promoting collaborative learning.
  • Efficient Content Creation: The AI-enabled quiz generator allows teachers to quickly create quizzes from existing documents or text.


Quizizz offers a free basic version, but some advanced features and integrations require a paid plan.

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