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Allows teachers to create and edit videos from text or images with a user-friendly, AI-powered platform.

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What Does Notta Do?

RunwayML serves as an all-in-one platform for creating and editing media like video, audio, and text. Aimed at those without coding experience, it uses machine learning to transform text prompts and images into videos. Teachers can make use of these features to generate educational content without having to be tech-savvy.

Key Features and Their Practical Applications

  • Text to Video: Type a text prompt and get a video clip. Useful for explaining complex ideas simply.
  • Text and Image to Video: Combine text and an image to generate a video. Good for visual learning aids.
  • Image to Video: Turn a single image into a video clip. Creates engaging presentations.
  • Stylization: Copy the style of one video onto another. Helpful for thematic consistency in lessons.
  • Storyboard: Create animated clips from a storyboard. Simplifies the process of storytelling or lesson planning.
  • Mask: Change specific subjects in a video. Allows personalization of educational content.
  • Render: Bring untextured renders to life. Ideal for creating 3D learning environments.
  • Customization: Tweak the model you are using for unique results. Enables tailored educational tools.


  • Free: 125 credits, 3 video projects, limited image export.
  • Standard: $15/mo.
  • Pro: $35/mo.
  • Unlimited: $95/mo.

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