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SchoolAI is an AI-powered service that provides tools for personalized learning, automated administrative tasks, interactive activities, assessment creation, language translation, special needs support, document generation, and chat monitoring.

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What SchoolAI does

SchoolAI is an AI-powered service designed for schools and academic institutions. It provides tools and data to help teachers design a more personalized classroom experience. SchoolAI offers AI-powered tutors, learning activities spaces, and a chat feature. It also allows teachers to generate customized documents quickly. SchoolAI is also a writing tool that can write any kind of document for schools, including reports, lesson plans, marking, emails, brainstorms, quizzes, and more.

Key features for teachers

  • AI-Powered Tutors: Personal guide for every student in every class and activity.
  • Automated Administrative Tasks: Automates tasks, freeing up teachers to focus more on student interventions, providing specific feedback for students, analyzing student data and adjusting instruction.
  • Interactive Learning Activities: Generates customized learning activities.
  • Assessment Creation and Monitoring: Creates assessments that teachers can monitor and provides open-ended questions.
  • Language Translation: Translates written instructions, making content more accessible to multilingual learners.
  • Support for Special Needs Students: Boosts accessibility for students with hearing or visual impairments, physical disabilities, or those who don’t speak the language well.
  • Document Generation: Can write any kind of document for schools, saving teachers and schools hours each week.
  • Chat Monitoring: Helps teachers craft professional, thought-out emails and allows students to interact with the chat while the teacher monitors it.


SchoolAI is free for teachers. A Pro plan is available at $14.99/mo, which includes Pro teacher tools, Pro Coteacher, Pro Spaces, and allows for 500 students sessions per day.

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