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Science Buddies is a STEM-focused educational platform offering resources for hands-on learning, a project guide for science and engineering projects, a teacher dashboard for class management, and a Kit Club program providing free science kits to classrooms in need.

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What Science Buddies does

Science Buddies is an online platform that provides resources for hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning. It offers a comprehensive guide for science and engineering projects, support for science fairs, and a wizard tool to help students decide on a project. The platform also features a Teacher Dashboard for Google Classroom teachers to manage their science classes and assignments. Additionally, Science Buddies runs a Kit Club program that provides free science kits to K-12 classrooms in need across the U.S.

Key features for teachers

  • Project Guide: Provides comprehensive assistance for science and engineering projects, helping students, parents, and teachers in the planning or execution of successful science fairs.
  • Teacher's Guide to Science Projects: Includes a week-by-week outline and goals, aiding teachers in effective planning.
  • Wizard Tool: Helps students decide on a project, eliminating the dilemma of project selection.
  • Teacher Dashboard: A centralized place for Google Classroom teachers to view their science classes and Science Buddies assignments, making it easier to assign and manage STEM assignments.
  • Science Buddies Kit Club Program: Provides free science kits to K-12 classrooms in need, offering a custom solution for teachers struggling to provide hands-on materials.


Science Buddies offers a free plan for up to three students for one year, and Classroom Plans at $4.99 per year for 50 students and $9.99 per year for 200 students. These plans provide teachers with a centralized dashboard to manage and view their students' work. The platform also offers a wealth of free resources, including a Topic Selection Wizard, science fair project ideas, and a discussion board.

Potential classroom applications

  1. Interdisciplinary STEM Projects: Combine STEM subjects with other areas such as art, history, or literature to create interdisciplinary projects.
  2. Collaborative Learning Experiences: Facilitate collaborative learning experiences where students work together in small groups to complete a project or solve a problem.
  3. Real-World Problem Solving: Engage students in real-world problem-solving activities, such as designing a solution to a local environmental issue.

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