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Smodin is an AI writing assistant that offers features like an AI rewriting tool, AI-powered essay grader, multi-lingual AI content detection, plagiarism detection, a full AI text generation suite, a homework question solver, and a text summarizer, designed to assist teachers in tasks such as grading, content creation, plagiarism detection, and lesson preparation.

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What Smodin does

Smodin is an AI writing assistant designed to help users with various writing tasks. It uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate text for essays, articles, brand content, and more. Smodin is primarily targeted at students, offering tools for researching and writing essays, plagiarism checking, and grading. It can also generate online content for businesses, tailoring the AI-generated words for brand content, marketing copy, product descriptions, and more.

Key features for teachers

Smodin offers several features that can be beneficial for teachers:

  • AI Rewriting tool: This tool can take text and reword it, which can be useful for creating different versions of the same content or for simplifying complex texts for students.
  • AI-powered essay grader: This tool can grade essays based on specified marking criteria such as use of language, depth of thought, and originality. This can help teachers save time on grading and provide more consistent feedback.
  • Multi-lingual AI content detection: This feature can detect AI-generated content in multiple languages, which can be useful for teachers who work with multilingual students.
  • Plagiarism detection: This tool can help teachers identify instances of plagiarism in student work.
  • Full AI text generation suite: This includes an AI research assistant, reference finder, and in-text citations, which can assist teachers in creating lesson materials and resources.
  • Homework Question Solver: This tool can help teachers understand and solve homework questions, potentially saving time on lesson preparation.
  • Text summarizer: This tool can summarize long texts, which can be useful for creating concise lesson summaries or study guides.


Smodin offers a free version with limited features, including 3 writing credits per day, 5 daily entries for the rewriter, plagiarism checker, and translator, and a limit of 1000 characters per text. Paid versions, Essentials and Productive, are available at $10 and $29 respectively, offering more features and capabilities.

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