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SpeechFlow turns spoken words into written text with high accuracy in 14 languages, making it a useful tool for multilingual classrooms.

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What the Product Does

SpeechFlow converts audio into text quickly and accurately. The software can handle up to an hour-long audio file in less than 3 minutes. It works in 14 languages, making it a good fit for teachers in diverse linguistic settings.

Key Features and Their Practical Applications

  • Multilingual Support: The software works in 14 languages, useful for teaching in multilingual settings.
  • High Accuracy: Produces transcriptions 20% more accurate than other tools, helping in creating reliable study materials.
  • Fast Processing: Transcribes an hour-long audio file in less than 3 minutes, allowing teachers to quickly turn lectures into text.

Potential Classroom Applications

  • Lecture Transcriptions: Turn spoken lectures into written text for students to review later.
  • Language Learning: Use in language classes to provide real-time transcriptions, aiding in comprehension.
  • Meeting Records: Document parent-teacher meetings for accurate record-keeping.
  • Student Presentations: Help students prepare and review their oral presentations in written form.


SpeechFlow offers three pricing tiers:

  • Free Tier: 30 mins online transcription per month, 5 hours API transcription, all 14 languages supported.
  • On-Demand: $0.72 per hour, 10 audio file concurrency limit, pay-as-you-go by seconds.
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales for customized solutions.

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