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Wordtune is an AI-powered writing assistant that offers features like grammar corrections, sentence expansion and compression, real-time feedback, and translation, helping teachers improve communication, create engaging lesson plans, and provide effective feedback.

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What Wordtune does

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing assistant that enhances the quality and efficiency of writing. It provides features such as rewriting and rephrasing suggestions, grammar corrections, and tone adjustments. It can be used by teachers to improve communication with students, parents, and colleagues, create engaging lesson plans, grade student work, and provide clear, effective feedback. Wordtune also offers a summarizing feature that can speed up the research process for teachers preparing lessons or grading research papers.

Key features for teachers

  • Grammar and Spelling Correction: Wordtune performs automated grammar and spelling checks, helping users identify and correct errors in their writing.
  • Sentence Expansion and Compression: This feature allows users to meet specific word count requirements or simplify complex sentences while maintaining their meaning and coherence.
  • Contextual Suggestions: Wordtune takes into account the context of the writing and provides relevant suggestions. It understands the meaning and intent behind the text, allowing it to offer contextually appropriate recommendations for improvement.
  • Real-time Feedback: As users write, Wordtune provides real-time feedback and suggestions, helping refine content on the go.
  • Learning and Improvement: Wordtune continuously learns from user interactions and feedback, improving its suggestions and accuracy over time.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Wordtune supports collaboration by allowing multiple users to work together on a document, ensuring consistency in tone, style, and quality across team members.
  • Translation Features: Wordtune offers translation features that can convert content from languages like Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, or Russian into English. This functionality helps non-native English speakers overcome language barriers and produce well-written content in English.
  • New Text Generation Feature: Wordtune has a feature that allows the AI to write anything for the user, from emails to social media posts. Users simply provide instructions, and Wordtune does the writing.


Wordtune offers a Free plan with limited features, a Plus plan at $9.99 per month with more features, and an Unlimited plan at $14.99 per month with unlimited access to all features. For teachers, Wordtune offers a 30% discount on Plus and Unlimited subscriptions with a valid .edu email address or proof of current employment at an academic institution.

Potential classroom applications

  • Transforming Notes into Complete Sentences: Wordtune can take fragmented sentences or notes and turn them into well-structured sentences. This can be particularly useful for students when they are taking notes during a lecture or brainstorming ideas for an essay.
  • Summarizing Texts: Wordtune's text summarizer can be a great tool for students when they are researching for a project or studying for an exam. It can help them identify the key details within a text, saving them time from reading unnecessary information.
  • Translating Documents: Wordtune can be used to translate documents from other languages. This can be particularly useful in a multilingual classroom or for students studying foreign languages.
  • Improving Communication Skills: Wordtune can help students improve their communication skills by providing them with different ways to phrase their sentences. This can be particularly useful for students who are learning English as a second language or for students who are working on improving their writing skills.
  • Real-time Feedback and Analysis: Wordtune can provide real-time feedback and analysis, helping students improve their writing skills and understand where they need to make improvements.
  • Enhancing Student Vocabulary and Writing Skills: Wordtune can be used as a tool to help students improve their vocabulary and writing skills. For instance, students can use Wordtune to rewrite their sentences with new words in an engaging way, swap out repetitive language with diverse expressions, and get on-the-go vocabulary enhancements.
  • Facilitating Flipped Learning: Wordtune can be used to support a "flipped classroom" model. Teachers can use Wordtune to summarize long articles, essays, or even YouTube videos to help students learn and remember the information. This summarized content can then be used in the classroom for further discussion and application.
  • Assisting in Lesson Preparation and Research: Teachers can use Wordtune to speed up their research process when preparing for a new topic. They can condense their research using Wordtune, summarizing texts in moments to make them easy to digest. Additionally, teachers can use Wordtune to rewrite complex texts in simple language, making high-level texts more accessible for younger students or those with particular learning needs.

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